simon_84 (simon_84) wrote,

Update of the Month!

The last few weeks have been really fun. Meg and I went to PEI from the 1st to the 5th, and had a great time. We caught the ferry at 11:15 on sunday morning, and fot to the island around 12:30. We'd planned out a route for the first day, but we went the wrong way after about 100m, and we ended up biking on a dirt road that had nasty hills. Around 4 we made it to brudenell provincial park, where we spent the night. The next day we biked on the Confederation trail to Mt. Stewart (which thankfully wasn't a mountain at all), and then headed to a campground in winter bay. It was kinda nice biking on the confederation trail, but the ground was gravel which was a lot slower. The campground at Winter Bay was really nice, but like brudenell, it didn't have a beach. The next morning we headed to cavendish and ate out at pizza delight, which tasted a lot better than the stuff we tried to cook on the fire. We were going to spend the day at the beach in cavendish, but the weather wasn't looking too nice, so we headed across the island to Charlottetown. The bike ride across the island was the hardest of the trip, mainly cause of the hills. We camped just across the river from the city, and walked into town to get some food (mmm east side marios) and to catch a movie (the village, pretty cool movie). We biked to lord Selkrik provincial park the next day, where we lazed around for an evening. On friday morning we had about a 1 hour bike back to the ferry terminal, which felt really good for the last day. On the ferry we met an old guy that was just finishing biking across the country, then got picked up by Meg's dad and slept for a long, long time. (oh beds are so comfortable!).

The monday after I got back from PEI I started working on the deck with my cousin. I learnt building decks is a hell of a lot more fun than painting, but can still be really frustrating if the thing won't get level, or the lumber people take forever delevering wood.

The friday after the deck building, I headed up to the CB Highlands national park with my dad, Leo and some friends for the weekend. The parks staff are on strike, which meant free camping! We had a short, downhill hike into Fishing Cove, an isolated beach on the north shore of Cape Breton island. The weekend was a blast, we saw 4 or 5 moose, and I even wrestled one and got one of it's teeth (actually, I just found a tooth on the ground). The water was really warm, so we spent a long time in the ocean and climbing/jumping off cliffs next to the ocean. We hiked out Sunday morning, which wasn't so fun cause the hike out was up a long steep hill, and dad decided to put the frying pan in my pack. Frying pans are not meant to be carried long distances, as I learned, and should not come camping.

Right now I'm running out of jobs I've got to do around the house, and I'm looking forward to having a week or 2 to relax before heading back to the k-town. See you all soon.
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