simon_84 (simon_84) wrote,

Free from the trees!

Tree planting has been over for about a week and a half, and it's been great! We had a few planting parties, one out at a guys cottage which was really fun. I've spent a few days painting the shed, and I'm going to start on the house soon. Once that's done, I'll get a start on the deck. It's nice doing work were you can see what you've accomplished. (A lot better than planting tens of thousands of trees in the middle of nowhere!)

On Canada day I went up to Halifax with some friends. The Trews were playing on the waterfront, but they sold out of tickets by the time we got there. I ran into my cousin on the waterfront, who was pretty drunk and trying to sneak into the concert. We headed out to a bar called Le Marquis, which was really nice, but lacking people. We went to "the Dome" later, which was pretty dirty (it even had skechy hot tubs). I saw Farenheight 911 on Sunday, which was good, but not quite as good as Bowling for Columbine. It did draw some interesting connections between Bush and the Binladens, which was interesting. Poor Bush, he really isn't a very smart man...

Anyway, look forward to seeing you all soon!!!
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