simon_84 (simon_84) wrote,

Back home on a lazy Sunday afternoon

I've finally got a chance to make one of these live journal things! I just got back from camping at James River Falls a few hours ago. The trip was really fun, but lots of stuff went wrong! (Which made it kind of funner). We almost forgot the stove (mmm raw pasta) but saw it on the lawn as we were pulling out of the driveway. On the hike in, the stove fell out of Meg's pack into a huge puddle. Meg didn't realize how top heavy her backpack was, and she fell in too when she tried to get it out. I tried to help her out, and you can guess what happened to me... . A little later, we were trying to cross the river just below the falls, and there was this spot were you had to jump across a little 5 foot water fall. I jumped over, and Lou tried to throw me her pack so she could jump over. Only she was caught on her pack or something, and went for a little water slide in very cold water. Somebody else tried to help her, and they fell in too. Then somebody tried to float the stove over the river in a pot, but the damn stove was too heavy and sunk to the bottom. To make it even funner, there were people on the other side of the water watching us look like idiots. We had a campfire and chilled for awhile (no, really, "chilled", it was damn cold out). The hike out today was a little less adventuresome, cause we found an easier was to get out. When Meg and I got back to the logging road where her Dad was gonna pick us up, there were a whole bunch of middle-aged, drunk, skechy people waking around, having some kind of party (one old guy in an army outfit yelled "Happy New Year" at us!) I hope it's just as "adventuresome" if you guys come camping here sometime!

Tree planting hasn't been too bad so far, but the eary mornings are taking a bit of getting used to. So far I've planted 15491 trees, each funner than the last. I'm starting to plant trees in my dreams too, so when you consider that, 20 hours of each weekday is being used up by tree planting. We had a crew party on Friday night, which was a blast. We took Corey, our Foremen, away from the wife and kids for the night and got him quite plastered. (Hugh donated half a 26er of tequila to the cause). Corey then started telling us some great stories, like when he was best man for Glen's (one of the planter) brother's wedding, and had a little to much rum. I guess he could barely stand up for the speech, and keep taking lots of "dramitic pauses" to try and not throw up. Corey is an awesome Foreman, he's really slack, and if you folks think I have and east cost accent, give him a call!

Anyway, that's been my weekend, and it's back to 8:30 bedtimes for me now!
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